Helping to end child hunger in the UK
Help us stop 'Holiday Hunger' in Daventry
Providing children in Daventry with a hot nutritious meal every day, 5 days a week during every school holiday
Food For Thought Daventry is dedicated to ensure that no child in Daventry goes hungry during school holidays.
Apply For Help
If you feel that you need help you can approach any of the local doctors surgeries, schools or welfare service.

The way the system should work is that your situation can be discussed with any of the above parties in total confidence. They will have access to the luncheon cards and once they have agreed to put you and/or your family forward, they will simply tell us the card number and the number of adults and children that the card will represent. You can also then agree which days you will definitely be attending up to the full 5 days if you wish. The only reason that this will be asked is that no food or spaces should go to waste by someone not attending if they have a card to attend. We won't be given any names or personal details at all and you will not be asked for them by us.

However, if for any reason you do not wish to approach any of the above parties directly yourself then you can speak with us directly. We are not in the position to guage any needs, but are happy to speak with any of the above parties on your behalf if you give us permission. Your details won't be discussed, we will simply forward your names to the parties.

There is no shame or stigma in taking up this service. Nobody will be made to feel uneasy in any way. If you feel that you need to use the service but can afford to pay towards the meals then you are most welcome to do so. If you feel that you would like to volunteer your help, then this will most welcome

Please also note that we won't turn anyone away if we can (providing that we have prepared enough food), even if they don't have a a luncheon card, but they will be asked to pay or at least make a donation towards costs.
If you wish to donate you can via either a Paypal account or credit card using Paypal on the right